So you've heard about VLT's affiliate program?

It's a way to HELP your friends reduce their Launch Stress

by using MY Launch team to get stuff DONE.

And it's a way for you to make some money, with almost no work on your part - AWESOME!

  • So first - What is VLT?


    Virtual Launch Team is a group of people experienced in creating all of the assets associated with an Online Launch. 


    The easiest way to think of us is like a whole bunch of Virtual Assistants working together for you.


    Need a Squeeze Page?  We got that.

    Plus graphics, lead magnets, opt-in forms, lists, tags, sequences, and automations.

  • And - Just what is an Affiliate?


    For those who are new to this online marketing industry, an Affiliate is simply someone who helps promote someone  else's service in exchange for a commission.


    There are countless entrepreneurs these days who have missions and dreams, but don't know how, or don't have time, to implement them.   Virtual Launch Team helps entrepreneurs who have social missions. And one of the best ways to reach all those people is through a network of other people.  People just like you.


    Are you in any FB groups or mastermind groups where you connect with other entrepreneurs? Do they have the same questions, doubts and stress as you do?  Hook them up with Virtual Launch Team to help them eliminate their stress too.

How did VLT happen?  

First - I'm James Archer - founder of The ShareLingo Project.  That's a Social Enterprise I created to help people learn English and Spanish together.  When I decided to launch online with the Spanish Success Path Workshop, I got bogged down and overwhelmed just like most people starting in this online world.  The difference is, I was able to put together a team to help me. 

My own Virtual Launch Team is spread around North and South America.  And they are lifesavers.  You wouldn't believe how many pages and PDFs and Videos and emails I had to create for ShareLingo - thousands of individual content pieces.


And friends started asking me if my team could help them with some of the overwhelm also.


And that's how VLT came to exist.  


So now my team is available to help YOU and your friends manage all these tasks also.  


AND - my team and I will work as "Done for you" or "Done WITH you".  Meaning, if you need someone to do the tasks - great.  Or if you want someone to show you how to do things yourself, that's fine also.

How is VLT-Affiliate good for you?  

First - you will be helping more people see YOUR message while you help VLT reach out to them.  You can embed your message, mission, and values into every communication about this opportunity for your contacts.


But Second - you will make MONEY!


All you do is send a few emails out letting your contacts know there is a solution to their Launch overwhelm.  Simple!

Entrepreneurs want to LAUNCH.

Many struggle because of one thing... Overwhelm


There are simply too many things to learn and get done to do it all alone. Some get lucky. They find someone to help them. 

Others struggle for years, and then give up.

  • This is not a ponzie scheme. You simply earn a commission for referrals. 

    You will not be “selling us your list”. You will not be asking other people join the affiliate program. You will not be violating your privacy policy.   You will only be doing this if VLT fits in your own marketing message.  


    And you can STOP - ANY time

  • You are going to help us spread the love, but WE will do the work.

    Help us reach and HELP more people. Help us CONNECT, and connect WITH more people. We will provide you with sample emails you can modify and send out to your list. All you do is modify and send. 


    We take it from there.  VLT provides the services and support.  

People have LOTS of ways to learn about online marketing. But the single biggest reason most people fail when they are starting out is simple overwhelm. 


Virtual Launch Team helps people on their path to get LAUNCHED. It is exactly what the name implies.  A team of people who understand the launch process and work virtually.  Simple. We don't tie people to a contract - we just help them understand how the launch process works, and then do the work if they want us to. We help them eliminate the fear and the overwhelm. 

VLT rates are very affordable - MUCH less than consultants charge for similar services - consultants who, by the way, don't even do the actual work for you. 


Affiliate Commissions begin at 25% and can get as high as 50% depending on volume and other factors.   


We do all the work. We create all the emails and landing pages, and EVERYTHING.  But you get 25% or MORE. For just sending a few emails.


Why would we DO that!?   Two reasons.

  • First

    We want to help people who help people.  So we want to spread the love to AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE and that means getting it out to the biggest network possible.  We know that referrals and networking are the most powerful ways to grow a tribe.

  • Second

    We want YOU to be able to really earn something significant from this opportunity. That's how we create a win-win relationship that can continue for both of us.

Take advantage of the VLT 

affiliate program TODAY!

Don't Worry - There's no obligation (ever)

Just like for our clients, if you decide this is not the right program for you, you can stop at any time.  By filling in the form below, we will simply be able to set up an Affiliate account for you in our system.  

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