Get your launch DONE

Virtual Launch Team

"Multiple virtual assistants, plus a launch coach, all working together to plan, implement and

deliver your launch, without stress."







What's different about VLT?  -  We coach and IMPLEMENT!


If you're overwhelmed or stressed out

trying to get your Launch DONE,

watch this 5 minute video

and download the Launch Stages Outline.


You’re ready to LAUNCH
your online business. 

Excellent - you're excited.


But it won't happen if you're stressed,

overwhelmed by technology,

or simply EXHAUSTED.


It's time to get some SLEEP.


A Virtual Launch Team could be the

END to your STRESS.

If you can't sleep...


  • Maybe it's because you’re trying to do all the work yourself,
  • WHILE you are trying to LEARN all the steps to a successful launch,
  • WHILE you are WORKING a “normal” job,
  • WHILE you are also a MOM or DAD.  

You need help -


Maybe you’ve heard that the answer to your prayers

is a Virtual Assistant?


You’ve probably already looked for one

(or maybe even tried a few).


Have you really thought about all the different things you need done?  


People tell me, "I need a VA"...   


I hear it all the time, and I've been there myself.


After trying many, what I found was,



So, I created a Virtual Launch Team to help me with my online marketing for The ShareLingo Project.

(ShareLingo is my Passion project - you can google it...)


And now my launch team can work with you too.   


So you can SLEEP.

If you want to get a launch done fast, 

and you're a one man or woman band, 

there's no way you can learn it all, and DO it all, alone

YES - a VA may be the answer to your prayers.

(If they really understand launch)


OR - a VA may double, triple, or 10x your stress.

(If you have to teach them and monitor their work)

Have you heard of Virtual Launch Team?

It’s a group of experts that understand the launch process, and do what you need.

It's like finding multiple VAs all in one place.

  • Launch schedule

  • Emails

  • Automations

  • Landing pages

  • Sequences

  • Shopping cart

Need more?

  • Video editing

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic design

What about something even more basic

like what camera or microphone to use!!

At VLT, we can hit the ground running, understand every aspect of your launch process, and can GUIDE you (or PUSH YOU) to get your launch DONE - on time…

A VLT is like a consultant that can
DO THE WORK for you.  


So here are the questions… 

  • Are you better off doing it yourself?

  • Do you need a VA?

  • Do you need a VLT?

Download this checklist to find out what you need to know BEFORE you hire a VA or a VLT…​

  • A VA can take months to train

  • Most VAs will organize your calendar, but they don’t have a clue what a launch sequence is.

  • Most Consultants tell you WHAT to do, but they don’t DO the work for you.

Maybe, instead of a VA,
you need a Virtual Launch Team.

Contact US!

If you have questions, we will help you find answers.


Or, if you already have your objectives established and you know your market and customers, then we will help you execute and achieve the profitability you need.

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